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Nursing home pregnancy highlights little-known abuse

The world has turned its eyes to Arizona after a local headline caused an international public outcry – and for good reason: “State officia… Read more

Bowie: Education, water and teen suicides top my list

As we begin the New Year, I want to say thank you once again to our community for re-electing me to represent you in the state senate for t… Read more

DiCiccio: City Hall gaming the public with rigged deals

If you’re looking for a smoking gun of how political insiders subvert the will of citizenry, you need look no further than what City Manage… Read more

Phoenix Mercury brightens hospice patient’s day

Ginny Millar, 95, is cute as a button. She looks like the quintessential grandmother, with soft white curls and eyes that twinkle with amus… Read more

2019 promises what? Columnist looks ahead – kind of

Come year’s end, some columnists run out of things to write. This gives rise to lots of “year in review” pieces, whereby ink-stained wretch… Read more