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Jermaine: Access to health insurance makes economic sense

I am often asked why I am so passionate about access to health insurance. The simple answer is that I have a pre-existing condition.   Read more

Stuben: Time to elect lawmakers who care for the most vulnerable

“Our neighbors are our brothers and sisters. We should treat them with love and respect” is the lesson my parents instilled in my five youn… Read more

Epstein: Stop and chat if you see me outside your school

We need more collaboration.   Read more

Shifa: ‘Enough of this stupid kind of politics’

Why run for office? Because the incumbent isn’t getting the job done! Read more

Patterson: Help return me to the state Legislature

I’m asking you to help return me to the Arizona House of Representatives. I served in the Legislature from 1991 to 1995. That was so long a… Read more