Bethany Wolph

Bethany Wolph, Guard, Valley Christian:  Similar to Seton Catholic, Valley Christian has been a perennial title contender for years. And, similar to Seton Catholic, the Trojans have relied on freshman contributions before. This, however, is new. Wolph (11.9 points per game) is second on the team in scoring behind sophomore Mara Kemmer, and has quickly become a product of hard work in morphing herself from a shooter into a scorer (she plays with some of the Seton girls in club ball), and her mother, a “basketball junkie” according to Timmer. Megan Timmer and Angie Andreas are also seeing significant minutes as freshmen for the No. 1-seeded team in Division III, but Wolph “was the biggest shock” in Timmer’s view between eighth grade and now. “Bethany was always a shooter but didn’t have a complete game, wasn’t real tall, her ball skills were solid, but now she can score — not just shoot — and she’s coming around defensively and rebounding,” he said. “She really had to get better and you could see the improvement right away in summer and fall.” The challenge moving forward will be playing in a series of larger, neutral site venues — more than Div. I or II —, and against some of the Northern Arizona schools’ several thousand opposing fans. That’s a lot to ask of a few freshman (there are no seniors on the roster) who play such pivotal roles in the Trojans’ attempt to win a third state title in Timmer’s long-standing tenure. “Those kids are pretty mature at every level and in games when it comes to pressure, 6,000 fans, the physical play they’re going to find, so we addressed it,” Timmer said. “I’m pretty confident this group will handle it as well as anyone. I’m not afraid we’ll be that nervous or tight we can’t perform.”

2013-2014: 11.9 ppg, 1.5 rpg, 1.2 apg, 2.2 spg

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