In his letter, Don Bevineau bemoans the loss of union membership since 1945. I wonder if it has occurred to him that unions have been their own worst enemy. Unions reward tenure rather than performance.

Unions drive up the cost of manufacturing which drives industry to more profitable and less restrictive locations. Unions use members’ money to support political candidates with no regard for the individual member’s wishes. Union policy encourages mediocrity without fear of financial loss.

It must be understood that when union leaders demand more and more in wages and benefits the cost of living goes up for us all. The poor get poorer and the unions get richer. When union leaders cannot force industry to cede to their demands, they will demand that their members strike. When a strike occurs only the union members suffer financial loss; union leaders continue to draw CEO wages. I am in complete support of unionization of individual shops so that those employees have redress when unfairness occurs.

They then can decide upon the wisdom of a strike.

Perhaps there is a logical reason why fewer and fewer choose to join unions.

Lowell Popham


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