Once upon a time there was a young man named Arman. He used to roam around from town to town selling hats for a living. One day he would be in Mumbai, and the next day people would find him in Delhi.

One summer afternoon, Arman had just traveled across a vast plain, so he felt tired and wanted to take a nap in the jungle. He found a mango tree with lots of branches and cool shade. Placing his bag of hats beside him, he went to sleep.

Arman was fast asleep in no time. When he woke up after a refreshing nap, he found that there were no hats in his bag. “Oh, no,” he said to himself and shook his head sadly, “Of all the people, why did the thieves have to rob poor old me?”

Suddenly, he looked up and noticed that the mango tree was full of cute monkeys wearing colorful hats. He yelled at the monkeys and they screamed back. He made faces at them and they returned the same funny faces. He threw a stone at them and they showered him with raw mangoes.

“Oh gosh, how do I get my hats back?” Arman pondered. Frustrated, he took off his own hat and threw it on the ground. To his surprise, the monkeys also threw their hats. Arman did not waste a second and hurriedly collected the hats and went on his way to the next town.

Fifty years later, young Xavier, grandson of the famous hat-seller Arman, who worked hard to maintain the family business, was passing through the same jungle. After a long walk he was very tired and found a nice mango tree with lots of branches and cool shade. Xavier decided to rest a while and very soon was fast asleep.

A few hours later, when Xavier woke up, he realized that all the hats from his bag were gone. He started searching for them and to his surprise found some monkeys sitting on the mango tree wearing his hats. He was frustrated and did not know what to do, but then he remembered a story his grandfather used to tell him.

“Oh, I can fool these monkeys,” Xavier said. “I will make them imitate me and very soon I will get all hats back.”

Xavier waved at the monkeys and the monkeys waved back at him. He blew his nose and the monkeys blew their noses. He started dancing and the monkeys also danced. He pulled his ears and the monkeys pulled their ears. He raised his hands and the monkeys raised their hands.

Then, he threw his hat on the ground expecting all the monkeys to do so, but instead, one monkey jumped down from the mango tree, walked up to Xavier, hit him on the shoulder and said, “Do you think only you had a grandfather?”

I just love this story inspired by the book “ Favorite Folk Tales from around the World,” as it speaks to the beauty of wisdom passed on from generation to generation.

When we mentor and coach our clients we believe we are creating a new legacy of wisdom passed along from generation to generation, as parents teach their children that their destiny is to be healthy and successful, and that their bodies and minds have a wisdom inside.

Instead of broadcasting fear, we teach that the intelligence in the body does not go away when we have a scrape or a cut. This intelligence did not leave when we have the sniffles; rather, the wisdom within knows how to heal, repair, renew and grow.

If we pass along messages of hope, health, healing, possibility and empowerment, there is no limit to what our children can experience and create. As the clever monkeys shared, our children hear everything we say and they model their belief around health based upon what our core values and actions are.

We encourage you to create life and health strategies that you can be proud of so that you may model these patterns and habits for your family. There is always a new way.

• Dr. Jason Kolber is a licensed doctor of chiropractic and a certified life coach. Reach him at (480) 704-2787 or www.livinginline.com.

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