Once again, we see America supporting the “dirty end” of the political stick. We are (or soon will be) supplying money and weapons to the “al-Queda” Islamists in Syria (the Islamic state of Iraq, the Levant, Ahrar al-Sham to name a few of these crazies who practice cannibalism, beheadings and the like). Now we are to climb in bed with Neo-Nazi’s in Ukraine (Svoboda, Patriots of Ukraine, Spilna Sprava, Afgantsy and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army to name just a few).

You would think that our state department and CIA would get tired of supporting coups and insurgencies that turn right around and bite us in the posterior a few years later. How many “Looney-Tunes” dictators and despots have we created in the past (Marcos, the Shah, Noriega, Pinochet, Somoza, Batista, and, the worst of the lot is Saddam Hussein). Our state department, CIA and U.S. military have not only turned a “blind eye” to their atrocities but aided and abetted them. Look at our military intelligence that was supplied to Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war to help him use chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction against the Iranian Army and the Iraqi Kurds!

Yet, once again, our liberal news media (TV and major newspapers) are not giving the American people the “whole” truth about the coup in Ukraine. No, it is once again “Wag the Dog” time in Washington with CNN News leading the charge and MSNBC in “lock step” (Boy, that guy Chris Hayes is so creepy.).

Yup, if CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan jump into a situation, can Barack Obama be far behind? Can you believe that Obama made anti-Vietnam War activist John Kerry as Secretary of State? What’s next, “Hanoi” Jane Fonda as Secretary of Defense?

Leon Ceniceros


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