When Laura Prefling's mother and co-founder discovered Singleton Moms, she called it a perfect fit.

Prefling, her sister, Sara Hinkel, and her mother, Patricia Willis, became owners of Dream Dinners, 3820 E. Ray Road, in Ahwatukee Foothills in 2006. They were looking for a charity to benefit and when they came across Singleton Moms, an organization that helps single parent's diagnosed with cancer, they knew it would be a great choice.

"My mom read about it and said we have to work with them," Prefling said. "Since then it's been the charity that we choose to help anytime we have an event."

On Feb. 4, the family, with the help of 12 volunteers, packed and donated 50 Dream Dinners for Singleton Moms. Along with providing single moms, and the occasional single dad, with meals, the Scottsdale-based organization helps pay bills and keep their homes clean.

"It serves all purposes," co-founder Jody Farley-Berens said. "Dream Dinners in Phoenix provides us with nearly all of the meals we distribute each year."

She started the organization after her friend and mother of four, Michelle Singleton, passed away after a battle with cancer.

"We went looking for help, help with bills, help with food, and there wasn't really anything," Farley-Berens said. "At first it was just us wanting to reach out to others in the community. But we have grown a lot since then and now service 50 single moms and dads at a time."

Prefling and her family also do a dinner drive typically in May to benefit the organization. Last year they matched customer donations and gave 130 servings.

"I know they are very appreciative of us," she said. "But it's a great experience for us, too."

On Feb. 20, the fourth annual Lean On Me 5K Walk will take place at Tempe Kiwanis Park to benefit Singleton Moms. To find out more, visit www.SingletonMoms.org.

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