HEALTHY LIVING 2008 -- 20s: 20-somethings looking to look good

Lisa Jones, 23, works out at The BAR Fitness in Ahwatukee.

The gym is the biggest part of your closet and a major accessory. If you're not fit, you're not fitting into your clothes. Trimming your waistline could mean big profits for your bottom-line. When you gain weight, you buy larger-sized clothes, when you buy larger-sized clothes, you spend more money. This is an expensive cycle that adds up to big dollars when the clothes are collecting dust.

If you purchase luxury apparel and have a pair of $250 jeans, gaining weight is NOT an affordable option. You would literally be throwing money away buying larger sizes. So losing weight would be the logical solution. A perfect fit is The BAR Fitness in Ahwatukee Foothills. The BAR rivals the national chains by offering a family-like atmosphere. The perfect gym to go straight to work from because even the marble laden bathrooms make you feel welcome. After you flip a 140-pound truck tire, swing a 40-pound rope or run backwards on a treadmill you will definitely fit into your skinny jeans.

Workout as early as 6 a.m. and still have time to get to work. I highly recommend two things; a personal trainer, which is a must-have for any wardrobe, and to be committed. If you're really serious about weight loss, this is the gym for you. Be fashionably fit. And as one of the trainers would say: "Get Strong!" The BAR Fitness, 4425 E. Agave Road, Suite 100, can be reached at (480) 961-5411 or at

ON Fashion lives in Ahwatukee Foothills, is married with two children, has modeled since age 10 and was a runway model for more than 15 years. She owns two businesses, is a seamstress, fashion designer and world traveler. Her fashion column appears twice a month in the AFN. E-mail questions to

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