'Scorpions for Breakfast'

Her book doesn’t even hit the stores for two weeks.

But Jan Brewer’s first foray as a writer is already being marked down.

When Amazon put “Scorpions for Breakfast” on its site for pre-release sales in mid August, it had a posted price of $17.45. That is far below the $25.99 list price but such discounts are not unusual.

Before the end of the month, buyers could order a copy for $17.15. And that dropped again in the middle of September to $16.79.

The price on the site by Thursday had slid to $16.62.

Amazon representatives did not return repeated calls seeking an explanation of the slide or how books are priced. But Brewer was left a bit bewildered by all of it.

“I’ve been watching that, too,” she confessed to Capitol Media Services.

The governor said the markdowns began “almost instantly” from the time the book was first offered for sale. And she said she has “no idea” what’s behind the changes.

“I think that’s just what they do to all those books,” she guessed.

But Amazon is not alone: BN.com, the online arm of Barnes & Noble, also is offering the book at that same $16.62.

It’s impossible to tell whether the price will drop further before the Nov. 1 release. But for those who want a better deal, Amazon is selling a Kindle version for $12.99.

Brewer describes her book as a detailed accounting of her ongoing battles on border security and illegal immigration. Her list of those she is fighting range from President Barack Obama on down to “liberal” reporters who she says do not tell the whole story. It is being published by Broadside Books, a division of HarperCollins that describes itself as specializing in “conservative non-fiction writing, spanning the full range of serious right-of-center thought and opinion.”

Other current Broadside titles being advertised include “Crony Capitalists in Our Backyard: Who They Are, What They Do and How to Fight Back,” and “Red Army: The Radical Network That Must Be Defeated to Save America.”

Broadside is not letting Brewer go solo.

It paired her with Jessica Gavora, a former chief speechwriter for John Ashcroft who was attorney general under George W. Bush. Gavora has also written on her own, including “Tilting the Playing Field: Schools, Sports, Sex and Title IX,” a critical look at federal laws that prohibit gender discrimination in public schools.

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