Gary Outzen and his daughter, Teresa, love historic buildings.

“Old homes, old buildings, old furniture,” he said. “Old everything.”

So last year while vacationing in the Valley from Los Angeles, the two decided to visit some historic downtown areas, Glendale’s included.

While attempting to find Catlin Court, Teresa said she stumbled upon the Sine Building near the intersection of Glendale and 58th avenues, which was built in 1926.

“It had a historic building plaque on it, so I checked it out,” she said. “And there was a sign that said it was for sale. Well, I really liked it.”

So she gave Gary a call, and he went to look it over.

“I really liked it, too,” he said.

Now a year and a week later, Gary, Teresa and her boyfriend Pete Gliniak are the proud owners of the Gaslight Inn Bed & Breakfast Boutique Hotel and the Olde Towne Glendale Wine & Beer Bar, all set for a grand opening Friday.

In fact, both businesses have been open for a while.

“The bed and breakfast has been open for six weeks, and the wine bar has been open for three,” she said.

The soft opening has allowed them to bring in some business while still working to bring their vision for the hotel and wine bar to life.

“It’s been really good already,” Teresa said. “We’re doing pretty well. Glendale Glitters was especially good for us.”

Teresa said traffic from Glendale Glitters kept them on their toes all weekend.

“And I mean all weekend,” she said. “I must have given more than 100 tours. We’re expecting it will be like that this weekend, too.”

And these are not just hotel guests or bar patrons, either.

“We actually booked four wedding receptions,” she said. “That was a pleasant surprise.”

Even as business begins to pick up, the work continues. Much of the front of the hotel was covered in plastic Wednesday as workers finished painting the interior. The bar was still being worked on, as well, though it is already eye-catching, in particular the actual bar itself.

“We had it shipped over from Atlanta,” Teresa said. “It was originally made in England, it’s 100 years old and it is completely hand carved.”

As for what’s available, Teresa said their aim is to focus on the local.

“We’re trying to specialize in unique wines that are reasonably priced, as well as a whole lot of craft and local beers,” she said.

Tom Eggleston paid a visit to the Gaslight Inn Wednesday to give them a little background on the Sine Building. He knows a lot about it. After all, he owned it.

“This would have been about 35 years ago,” said Eggleston, 85. “When I owned it, this was a bank office and a shoe store.”

Eggleston, a longtime resident of Glendale and supporter of its downtown area, said he is happy to see the Gaslight Inn come to fruition.

“I think it’s a great addition,” he said. “It’s going to add quite a lot to the ambience here.”

Rates for rooms range in price from $79/night up to $129/night for the honeymoon suite. Festivities are planned for the whole weekend, including live jazz Friday night, blues musicians Saturday night and a flamenco guitarist Sunday afternoon.

The Gaslight Inn is at 5747 W. Glendale Ave. For information, call 623-934-5466 or visit

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