Food trucks have been popular for some time now in the Valley, but on April 13 a new class of diner will get to partake of the trend.

The Food Truck for Dogs will be parked 8 a.m. to noon that day at Gilbert Farmers Market, near the water tower downtown. The truck will give out free dry and wet dog food samples, in flavors like beef short rib, braised brisket and grilled sirloin steak, for hungry pooches.

“They sound inspired by human food because they are,” says Niky Roberts, spokesperson for Chef Michael’s, the Purina-owned brand that operates the nationally touring truck. “We create chef-inspired meals for dogs. We work with nutritionists, dog behaviorists and even chefs to create meals for dogs that are nutritionally sound for them and meet their needs.”

There’s something in it for people, too. The first 100 dog owners to visit the truck will receive a free a voucher up to $10 to use at any of the human-geared food trucks at the market that day.

“We’re going to have long, communal tables, where you can pull up a chair with your lunch and your dog’s lunch, and make new like-minded friends that are also there with their dogs,” says Roberts.

Inspiration for the motorized canine kitchen came from the idea that lots of pet owners like to take their dogs to the kind of events where food trucks are stationed, things like festivals and street fairs.

“A lot of vendors will put a water bowl out for dogs, which is great, but there’s not really a lot (at these events) for dogs (that is) specifically designed for a dog, something that’s not going to upset their stomach, like giving them half of an ice cream or a hot dog,” says Roberts. “We wanted to create a moment where the owner and the dog can bond, but provide something specifically made for the nutritional needs of the dog.”

Chef Michael’s Food Truck for Dogs will make stops throughout the Valley April 8-14. To find its up-to-the-minute whereabouts, follow it on Twitter at @thefoodfordogs.


What: Treat your dog to breakfast or lunch at the Food Truck for Dogs, a nationally touring dog food truck by Chef Michael’s pet food brand making a one-day stop in Gilbert

When: 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, April 13

Where: Gilbert Farmers Market, 222 N. Ash Drive Gilbert

Cost: Free


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