First of all, women have always been a victim of the male sex drive. That's the first reason society should pay for my birth control.

Second, I still don't have a job in this miserable economy, and you do, so it's only fair you share with me.

Third, as a society, which views itself as compassionate, it makes sense that government assures charitable giving. So many people think it should be up to them how their money is spent. I'm thinking Jesus would side with government.

And, there's something else, it makes sense to me that you help pay for my abortion should I need one. Afterall, society will be better off if I don't have a child I don't want.

Besides, I already have three children I can't take care of. Their fathers - yes, I've had several boyfriends - won't pay one dime to help me. They say, "Schools serve free breakfasts and lunches all year-round. Feed them there."But, what about dinner? I need help with that, too.

Hey, this isn't funny. Women everywhere deal with these problems. Yeah, OK, lots of programs already provide free food, contraception and even abortions, without government intervention, but why should I have to look for them?

And, what's with this deal that churches don't want to help? These same churches demean other denominations, attack presidential candidates over how they worship, and now, suddenly, they're united. What's with that? How can they define themselves as devoted to serving mankind, loving the neighbors andyaddayaddayadda? Go figure.

The real truth is, the church's issues are about judgment. They think I should be more careful with my sex life. For sure, that's none of their business!

Some people say President Obama is buying votes. Well, why not? This new idea of leveling out the haves, down to the have-nots, is a great one. And, what's interesting -- now mind you, I don't think a whole lot about politics - but what's interesting to me is how many people agree with him. That says something, don't you think?

And, on this subject, I have a brother who's an alcoholic.He needs his free rehab care.Yeah, I know they say it's really not free, that you're paying for that too, but still, he's desperate.

Of course he can't work, though he's a skilled engineer, so his family needs help, too.

Really, folks, it's not my brother's fault he got addicted. First of all, alcohol is legal everywhere. It's part of the American culture. How could he know he'd get caught in the addiction hell hole? Look at how it's the first thing college kids are introduced to: booze parties every night, binge drinking competitions.

Come to think of it, birth control pills, morning after pills and abortions are really needed in those circumstances.

I'm offended at how selfish you are. You have more money than I do, and even if you didn't there are certain social issues every one of us should pitch in to help with, well at least those of you who have jobs. OK, maybe you carry more than one job and have been careful to save money, but still, I have rights, too, you know.

As for your spiritual beliefs? Get real. Why should I suffer just because you believe in personal responsibility and the sanctity of life, and, oh yeah, your so-called constitutional rights?

What about me? It's just not fair. Shame on you.


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