Arizona American Water Co. and Master Gardeners has started a garden with low-water use plants next to the company’s Sun City office to teach residents about water conservation.


Arizona American Water Co. and Maricopa County Master Gardeners want to teach residents about low-water use for their yards and gardens.

The organizations have partnered and will create a xeriscape demonstration garden at Arizona American’s Sun City office, 15626 N. Del Webb Blvd. They will transform an adjacent empty lot with rocks and cactus over the next few months into a garden with natural, low-water use desert plants.

Sally Ceccarelli-Wolf, water analyst for Arizona American, said the garden will open in May after construction and planting is completed.

Ceccarelli-Wolf said the company is working with Master Gardeners, who will choose the plants for the garden.

“We want to showcase the fact that the Southwest has some really beautiful plants for your yard, without using much water,” she said.

The company received a cost-share grant from the Bureau of Reclamation to complete the garden.

When the garden opens in late spring, Master Gardeners will give tours to groups.

Cherie Zaplicki, a Maricopa County Master Gardner, likes the idea.

“It’s very important for people to understand this is the Sonoran Desert and not Michigan,” said Zaplicki. “You really can have a beautiful garden every single day of the year with desert-adapted plants and not use up a lot of water.”

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