Jan Brewer

Gov. Jan Brewer

Gov. Jan Brewer wants children to know that, yes, there is a Santa Claus.

And no, he isn't necessarily white — despite what Fox News says.

Brewer's comments come on the heels of comments by Fox commentator Megyn Kelly who was chatting on air last week about a column someone had written suggesting that Old Saint Nick might be some color other than white.

“For all you kids watching at home, Santa just IS white,” Kelly said.

“Santa is what he is,” she continued. “And just so you know we're debating this because someone wrote about it.”

Brewer, asked about the race of the fictional character, laughed at the question.

“I've never given him any thought,” she said.

“I would imagine he's probably white, yellow, black, every color,” the governor continued. “Santa Claus is Santa Claus to everyone, red, white, yellow, black.”

Kelly has since called her comment an “offhand jest.”

But a review of all her comments suggested she was a bit more serious about the issue.

“Jesus is a white man, too,” Kelly said. “Just because you feel uncomfortable doesn't mean it has to change.”

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