Dear Editor: In her latest display of indomitable ignorance, Linda Turley-Hansen quotes (Nov. 23, AFN) from the "ancient Greek prophet... Zoroaster." That phrase contains two gross errors. Unlike the religiously-motivated Jews and Persians, the ancient Greeks produced philosophers, not prophets. And, of course, Zoroaster was not Greek; he was Persian. Linda's error is typical of political reactionaries. She's too lazy to look up "Zoroaster" on the Internet or in the encyclopedia. Even worse, she probably doesn't care. Big Brother's slogan, "ignorance is strength," is the guiding principle of contemporary "conservatives." It fuels the idiotic campaigns against the teaching of evolution, often prevented through intimidation of biology teachers in the Bible Belt states. It inspires the blatant lies about President Bush's economic record (Clinton's record was far superior: 3.6 percent average GDP growth vs. Bush's anemic 2.9 percent; Clinton's 16 percent reduction in federal debt as percent of GDP vs. Bush's 12 percent increase). Fox News and Rush Limbaugh will never confuse you with these incontrovertible facts. I eagerly await Linda's next column. Perhaps she'll enlighten us about the Hebrew prophets' contribution to geometrical proofs, or the Spanish Inquisitors' heritage of civil rights. C.W. Griffin

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