Ken and Jennifer Marlin are among tens of thousands of SRP customers to opt for paperless billing through SRP.

Michael J Eller/SRP

On weekends and evenings, you can find Ken and Jennifer Marlin volunteering at their church or serving on committees for their kids’ schools. What you won’t find them doing is walking to their mailbox as often as they used to.

When they need to pay their utility bill, the SRP customers decided they’d rather go online than to the neighborhood mailbox. The Marlins signed up for a program called "SRP My Account," which lets them customize and handle their SRP bill in the comfort of their home. It may be a simple step, but the Chandler residents say it’s one piece of their life they’ve simplified. And it has helped.

“It’s just easier, and there’s less stress. You don’t have to worry about checking your mailbox, because everything is online,” Jennifer explained. “Just a couple clicks and you’re done. No stamp. No envelope or misplacing a bill.”

In an effort to declutter her kitchen, Jennifer also signed up for the SRP eBill program, which keeps paper bills from piling up on her counter.

“There’s less clutter in my house and less for me to throw away, and I do feel like I’m not wasting as much,” she said.

That’s something the third-largest public power utility in the United States is hoping more of its customer will do.

“To make more people aware of the benefits of eBill, SRP launched its ‘Go Paperless to Win’ sweepstakes,” said Cindy Marzofka, SRP’s director of marketing and brand management. “Customers who enroll in the program and help us reduce waste will have a chance to win an Apple iPad. We will have two winners, and the raffle runs until April 11.”

By opting to go online and go green, Jennifer also can look at three years of her account history anytime, plus get email and text notifications when a new bill is ready.

“It’s nice to click and have it all at your fingertips. You just go click, click, and it’s off your plate for another month,” she said.

If you can keep up with her, you can find the Chandler mom at Willis Junior High serving as the vice president of the PTO or at Chandler High keeping up with her son. But if you happen to see Jennifer and her husband walking to their mailbox these days, more than likely, it’s simply for a relaxing stroll.

How to sign up for the sweepstakes and eBill:

Enter in three simple steps:

1. Go to, and click “Sign up for eBill through My Account.”

2. Log in to SRP My Account, and select “eBill” from the list of options.

3. Complete the required steps, and then click “Finish.”

If you do not have a My Account set up, follow these steps:

1. Go to, and click “Sign up for eBill through My Account.”

2. Follow the steps to set up your online access (requires a valid email address and an SRP account number).

3. Log in to My Account, and click “Notifications” at the top of the page.

4. Select “eBill” from the list of options.

5. Complete the required steps, and then click “Finish.”

Kathleen Mascareñas is a media relations specialist with SRP

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