Cloud of dust

Desert Vista's Jonathan DeSimone (66) and Tyler Kunce battle Mountain Pointe's Antares Hagman for a loose ball.

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The club lacrosse regular season ended with three of the four area squads making the postseason.

For the boys, Desert Vista ended the season with a 16-2 win over Mountain Pointe.

The Thunder now play Mesa on Friday in the Desert Vista Stadium at 7:30 pm for the first round of the Division I playoffs.

The Pride didn't make it to the postseason.

The Thunder are led by Chad Hyslop (34 goals, 17 assists) and Anthony Abbadessa (27 g, 24 a), who have 51 points each. David Satori isn't far behind with 44 points on 34 goals and 10 assists.

Levi Pellegrin led Mountain Pointe with 40 points on 33 goals and 7 assists.

For the girls, Desert Vista is 10-0 heading into Thursday's action and Mountain Pointe is 7-4. Both squads play at Pecos Park with the Thunder at 5:30 p.m. and the Pride at 7:30 p.m.

Lauren Johnson has 52 points on 41 goals and 11 assists for Desert Vista, while Hallie Parkinson has 44 points on 34 goals and 10 assists. Gabriella Gambadora has 29 points on 21 goals and eight assists.

Sara Phister of Mountain Pointe is a cut above everyone else as she has 72 points on 61 goals and 15 assists, while teammate Maggie Potts is next on the team with 55 points on 35 goals and 20 assists.




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