Dear Editor:

I have to laugh at all the responses to David Folts' objection to half-and-half English/Spanish instruction at Kyrene de los Niños Elementary School ("Spanish language program in Ahwatukee schools," Sept. 10, AFN).

Particularly amusing is Monica Gellman's comment "compete in global markets." Spanish? You have to be kidding! Mandarin would be more appropriate, although English is universally spoken everywhere I travel.

The main problem we are facing in education is of our own making. We have abrogated control of our children's education and handed it off to the propaganda wing of the left.

The only hope I can see in restoring parental control of our children's education is for the Legislature to pass a 100 percent voucher-style funding system. This isn't likely to happen; the teacher unions are too powerful. Other than revolt/revolution I see no way to effect change.

Now the neighborhood rapscallions are going to descend on me and claim that I'm anti-teacher. I'm not anti-teacher. I owe my very professional existence to my eighth-grade algebra teacher, Evelyn Truchovesky ... it's been 57 years but I still remember intently, she made me dig for information and think for myself.

And, both my parents were teachers ... in one-room school-houses. But they were beholden to their immediate neighborhood for pay, food and parental input. Had they failed to teach as the parents wanted, they'd have been tarred and feathered and run out of town. Maybe we should return to that method?

Jim Thompson

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