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Results Fitness located in Chandler, shown Friday, April 20, 2012. [Tim Hacker/ Tribune]

Tim Hacker

Results, results, results.

Amidst a world of less expensive, all-in-one big-box gyms, and coming out of a recession that knocked many small businesses out for the count, the key to success for small gyms and personal training facilities in the East Valley, their owners say, is just that — the personalized results they can offer their clients.

John Allen, owner of John Allen’s Arizona Body Sculpting and Personal Training, and Tammi Jacobs, owner of Results Health and Fitness, are examples of small gym owners succeeding in a tough economy.

Allen has been doing business in the Valley for almost 30 years and points out the reason his company has been so successful: “We have that personal touch with the client that the big gyms don’t.”

Jacobs, also a longtime personal trainer, says the attention and structured workouts really are effective in helping members achieve tailored results. For Jacobs, dedication to one-on-one time spent with a client is paying off in a big way.

“Our general memberships have doubled in the last four months and we are located across the street from a 24 Hour Fitness and two miles away from a Mountainside Fitness,” Jacobs said.

The increase in memberships can partially be linked to the new facility that Results Health and Fitness moved into across the street from its old locationin Chandler. It’s now at 930 E. Pecos Road.

But the ability to speak knowledgeably to an individual about what it takes to get in shape and, more importantly, stay in shape, is another key component to the success of a small gym.

“We guide the member through whatever their fitness levels are, through a lot of personalized attention and a lot of activities,” Jacobs said. “They’re (personalized workouts) always evolving and changing.”

Allen is a former football player who had his career cut short due to injury, but made the most of his talents by becoming a personal trainer more than 35 years ago. He does a lot of corporate training and has trained star athletes, such as the Major League Baseball all-time homerun leader Barry Bonds, and the Cardinals’ all-time leader in receiving yards, Larry Fitzgerald.

“Being a former football player, people would ask me what to do to get results in the gym, so I started doing personal training and turned a small idea into a big business,” Allen said. When asked about what his inspiration was for starting this business, Allen said, “Helping people.”

Both of these Chandler companies have owners who preach that the bottom line of their business is that members want to see results.

“Being healthy allows you to have a clear mind and be more efficient,” Jacobs said. “People want to be around well-qualified trainers that will give them a variety of workouts, and with a smaller facility you can do that.”

Getting in shape sometimes comes at a price, though.

At John Allen’s Arizona Body Sculpting and Personal Training, located at 2915 S. Alma School Road, Suite 8, in Chandler, the cost is $50 per hourly session. At Results Health and Fitness, it is $670 for 12 sessions of one-on-one personal training.

For that money, a client gets the benefit of personal attention, and a watchful eye from trainers.

When they work out, people need someone to hold them accountable and keep them focused, Allen said.

“A lot of people can’t afford a personal trainer, but a lot of people can’t afford not to have a personal trainer, either,” Allen said. “They’d rather invest in a personal trainer than things like eating out or buying clothes.”

“We get results,” Allen said. “That’s the bottom line. People want results.”

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