Waffle Crush

Gilbert residents Rachel Durling, left, and Erica Brenay showcase a few of their waffle concoctions in front of their Waffle Crush truck on Dec. 11, 2013. [Eric Mungenast/Tribune]

Eric Mungenast/Tribune

The van driven by Gilbert residents Erica Brenay and Rachel Durling is difficult to miss; it’s flamingo pink and dotted with triangles of differing shades, but the same size. What makes the truck unique though isn’t the outside, but rather the waffle products concocted and served therein.

The products sold within the Waffle Crush truck are, as the vehicle’s title indicates, waffles. But, as the duo’s website states, the waffles served by Brenay and Durling are more than likely not the same as the ones your mom served as a kid.

“It’s a blow your mind kind of waffle,” Brenay said.

What makes the waffle mind blowing is the pearl sugar cubes imported from Belgium inserted into the batter that is cooked inside a specialty waffle maker, also import from Belgium, that heats it at around 380 to 390 degrees. The result of the process is the creation of a Liege Waffle, which Durling said is sweet enough that it doesn’t require syrup or any additional toppings.

Partaking in a bare waffle is one of the options for Waffle Crush customers, but the fun of what the Waffle Crush truck offers is tied to the accoutrements that can top the waffle. Individual options include strawberries, bananas, raspberries, Biscoff, Nutella, chocolate, homemade whipped cream, cream cheese frosting and vanilla ice cream.

Customers can pick their toppings based on an individual basis or select one of the four waffle combination options: Berry, consisting of strawberries, cream and Biscoff; Nana, featuring Nutella, cream and bananas; Scoop, which is topped with ice cream, Nutella and a stick of chocolate; and the Mellow, which is filled with chocolate and topped Biscoff, toasted marshmallows and cream and is akin to a S’more.

It all creates something of a conundrum concern with the product’s classification, at least for the customers. In other words, is the Waffle Crush waffle still a breakfast, a dessert, or something in between?

“They (customers) just want a waffle; they don’t discriminate,” Brenay said.

Durling said the product waffle truck concept is unique to Arizona, although she and Brenay said there are other waffle trucks in different parts of the country. The other trucks gave the two the idea, but the spur from the best friends who have known each other since they were 5 years old came once their kids — they have four a piece — were old enough to stay in school for most of the day. The kids, however, will work in the truck alongside their parents on occasion to make it “kind of a family affair,” Brenay said.

After a few months of preparation, Brenay and Durling got their Waffle Crush truck rolling beginning with an event at Tempe Town Lake on Nov. 2. Since then, the truck has taken trips to events in Mesa like 2nd Friday, Tempe, Queen Creek, Scottsdale and Phoenix, and the two spend much of their time parked by American Leadership Academy campus in their hometown.

“We’re learning to gauge where the people are,” Durling said.

It’s been a hectic two months, but they said business has been quite solid in the early going. They said they’ve already created something of a following, with people from Mesa visiting them when they’ve parked in Scottsdale. One of the things they’ve done is emphasize social media is to give people a clue as to where they are at a given moment and created a slogan of stalking the waffle truck among their clientele.

There’s even preliminary discussions — technically requests from Brenay’s and Durling’s husbands — to open up a second truck.

“It’s a lot of work, but rewarding for sure,” Durling said.

Visit wafflecrush.com, as well as the truck’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, for more information.

• Contact writer: (480) 898-5647 or emungenast@evtrib.com.

Contact writer: (480) 898-5647 or emungenast@evtrib.com


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