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Remember the movie “Kingpin” where Woody Harrelson, the bowling prodigy, is heading to Reno for the biggest event of his life, the million-dollar take-all bowling tournament. This year the location is ‘Tukee and it may not be a million-dollar take-all tournament, but it is a very special event that is looking to raise up to $60,000 for families in our community — The YMCA Frames for Families Bowling event.

This month more than 45 community volunteers, including our very own Ahwatukee Foothills News staff team, will embark on the Frames for Families challenge. These incredible community volunteers will seek people to sponsor their team as their team bowls 100 frames on Sept. 20 in support of the Ahwatukee Foothills YMCA Strong Kids and Families Campaign. If you haven’t been on a bowling team and always wanted to, now is the time. It doesn’t matter if you are the next prodigy or if you are in need of some bumper assistance. It is going to be a fun and rewarding experience for all the volunteers.

The YMCA Strong Kids and Families campaign supports those in need by providing a variety of social responsibility programs in our community to include financial assistance, senior services through YOPAS (YMCA Outreach Program for Ahwatukee Seniors), Drowning Prevention programs and Youth Healthy Living programs to combat youth obesity.

Jim Hunt, Frames for Families chair and Farmers’ Insurance agent, said it best, “I am bowling for the single parent who is working desperately to make a living for his or her family and is need of financial assistance for quality and a safe childcare while they work. I have personally seen the impact this has on a single mom and the feeling I received from knowing I was able to make this happen through giving of my time, treasure and talents.”

Our Team Bowlers will be bowling for the senior who is trying to maintain independent living and has recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness and has no means of transportation to get to medical appointments. The YOPAS program ensures that he/she will make it to that necessary appointment and they will make sure that senior makes it to the grocery store so they are given the nourishment needed to fight this illness.

These are just a few of the stories of individuals we will touch through our Frames for Families event. We encourage everyone in the community to get involved by being a Team Bowler and raising money or by simply making a donation to support your community members who are making a difference. To get involved or make a donation, call Julie at (602) 212-6085 or email her at Donations may be made online at and click on “contributions” on the left side of the screen.

I would like to personally thank our Ahwatukee Foothills News team and the community volunteers who are stepping up to make a difference. You never know, you may be reading about our next bowling prodigy here in ‘Tukee.

• Connie Nelson-Askew is senior executive director of the Ahwatukee Foothills Family YMCA. Reach her at (602) 212-6074 or

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