Having a personal relationship with God

Dear Editor:

In Steve Hammer's "Living Monologue in a Dialogue World" (AFN, Aug. 11), he talked about a rich fool that we can read about in Luke 12:13. This scripture tells us about a man that had a fertile farm and so much wealth that he decided to tear down his barns in order to build bigger ones so that he could have more room to store his wheat, crops and other goods. He had probably worked all of his life and had saved enough to retire and was now ready to "eat, drink and be merry."

Being rich wasn't necessarily the problem. God does, in fact, want us to work and save for the future. However, God called the rich man a fool for not having a personal relationship with Him and because he was going to die that very night. The lesson Jesus is teaching us is to put God first and above all things. John 14:6 quotes Jesus as saying, "I am the way, the truth and the life, no one can come to the Father except through me."

I don't think this scripture is about "sharing your bountiful harvest to benefit the community" ... it's about having a personal relationship with God.

Joey Acedo

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