Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center volunteers Marilyn Keim, Myra Pennick, Marcia Sawyer and Shirley Kraft were honored for their dedication.

Nick Cote, Daily News-Sun

Marilyn Keim, Myra Pennick, Marcia Sawyer and Shirley Kraft have logged a combined 59,000 volunteer hours at Del E. Webb Medical Center in Sun City West.

They’ve worked a variety of jobs from the information desk and out-patient services to the gift shop and pharmacy. Tuesday, Volunteer Resources, formerly volunteer services, honored the women and other volunteers for major milestone hours of service at the hospital.

“We’re so glad that you’ve given your time and talents to us,” Jean Medico told the audience of volunteers and staff.

Last year, Medico, director of volunteer resources, said more than 210,000 hours of volunteer service were recorded at Del Webb. More than 90 people were given pins for their service, ranging from 1,000 to 23,000 hours.

Keim said she’s enjoyed working at the medical center, since moving to Sun City West 22 years ago. For awhile, she spent every day at the hospital.

But now, Keim has reduced her time to three days a week. She’s worked in out-patient services and in endoscopy for all of her tenure of 23,000 hours.

In 1988, Kraft decided to volunteer at Del Webb because “I just wanted something to do.

“I’m very happy that I’m doing this and couldn’t imagine not being here,” Kraft said.

Kraft, who logged 11,000 hours, said she hopes other residents are encouraged by her volunteer service at Del Webb.

“We need more volunteers, especially as some of us are getting older,” Kraft said. “The hospital really takes care of the people in this community, so we should give back.”

In the beginning, Pennick didn’t volunteer at Del Webb but eventually decided to give it try.

And 13,000 hours later, she has worked in a number of departments, including pharmacy, surgery, information desk and the emergency room.

“I love helping people and that’s why I continue to volunteer,” Pennick said.

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