Ahwatukee’s very own Music Maker Workshops is hosting a variety of summer camps this year for children of all ages.

“Music camp is a great introduction to the instruments and helps the student to ‘feel’ and ‘hear’ the mechanics of the instrument in a unique way,” said Carissa Klopfenstein, who teaches both violin and piano at the studio. “The student is encouraged to experiment under the tutelage of a professional in a small group setting, which is both fun and informative,”

The studio is currently offering two four-day camps for children between the ages of 3 and 6 in early June. The children are placed in small groups and learn how to play piano with the Music for Little Mozarts program, designed specifically for preschoolers. During this course children will learn musical dynamics, quarter notes, finger numbers, the piano pattern and songs in the span of 45-minute daily lessons. After piano lessons the students participate in two hours of Kindermusik centered on a specific theme. The students also partake in arts and crafts and play games. The program focuses on reinforcing the idea that music is a universal language. At the completion of camp students will play what they have learned for their parents during “Show and Share.”

“I have so many neat memories of fun summer camps as a child. So, ever since we opened MMW we’ve made it a priority to provide fun educational camps that spark an interest and love for music.” said Shelley Yakubow, the studio’s co-owner and program director.

For students between the ages of 5 and 12, Music Maker offers a Morning Music Camp in which students pick three of their favorite instruments and activities and create their own camp. The students can choose from piano, guitar, voice, violin, drums or arts and crafts. During this four-day camp the students receive three 50-minute classes and are divided into groups based on their age and ability levels.

During their 40-minute break students listen to live music from a camp band. Students also receive various incentives such as pencils and tokens in order to encourage practice outside of the camp. On the last day of the camp students play in a concert for friends and family.

“Parents are always amazed at what they can accomplish in four days and the campers are always beaming with confidence afterwards,” Yakubow said.

During a special six-week session students 8 years and above can participate in the studio’s Summer Rock Band program. New students must audition for placement in a band. Band placement is based on the student’s age, experience and music preference. The students practice every week with their band for an hour and 15 minutes. The bands consist of members with differing skills such as vocals, electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards or horns.

The final camp the studio offers during the summer is a unique Master Music Program. Students of all ages and experience levels can receive private lessons for two or four consecutive weeks based on their schedules during the summer.

The private lessons are provided for voice students and those who play piano, violin, viola, flute, saxophone, guitar (acoustic and electric), bass guitar, drums and percussion. The studio believes that the summer is a great time for students to devote more time and energy to their talents.

Private lessons are geared toward each individual student and include daily assignments, theory, ear training, fluency and learning practice techniques. Students also have the option to take their private lessons with a master teacher.

“A benefit of music camp is a child can try a new instrument. For the music camp we have a sponsorship from Milano’s music so campers can use a violin for the week. People love the fact that their kids can try a new instrument to see if they really like it before they make the commitment to purchase, rent, or sign up for lessons,” Yakubow said.

Music Maker Workshops believes its camps are very valuable to each one of their students and allows them to meet other musicians and friends that are excited about music. The staff makes an effort to know every single student and work with them on their individual goals. Each camp’s special concert at the end of their session provides students with a great sense of camaraderie. Many of the students who participate in the short camp sessions continue practicing at the studio in order to further their learning experiences.

For more information on Music Maker Workshop’s upcoming summer camps and registration information, visit http://www.musicmakerworkshops.com/summer-2012-camps.html.

• Arselia Gales is interning this semester for the Ahwatukee Foothills News. She is a sophomore at Arizona State University.

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