Dear Editor:

I sent a letter about this last year regarding the same disrespectful comments that Mark Grace continues to make each time the game goes into extra innings: "Free baseball." We all know that a baseball game is over when the last man is out. Fans pay for the ticket to see it to completion. Mr. Grace made his twisted remarks once again about free baseball the last time the New York Mets were in town as the game went into extra innings. As a baseball fan for more than 45 years, I believe that kind of remark is inappropriate, disrespectful and an insult to all fans throughout the country.

What Grace seems to forget is that we the fans are customers. We buy tickets, souvenirs, food, beverages and pay to park. Grace is so wrapped up in his stardom he has forgotten about the boys, girls and their parents in the ballpark struggling during these tough financial times. Shame on him! Can you imagine Mel Allen, Red Barber or Vince Scully telling the fans you are now getting "free baseball?" What Grace needs to do is have his "mind in gear before his mouth in motion." And considering the way the Diamondbacks have played these past two seasons ... the fans should get free admission with refreshments for just showing up.

Rich Tancredi

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