Dear Editor:

Imams all over our nation and the world are preaching against our national virtues of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The mainstream media and some politicians support them. Support those who would destroy us? What happened to common sense?

Nothing much is said about our freedom of speech, or our freedom of religion, or that our flag is being burned by Muslims all over the world. Or that our Holy Bible is burned or confiscated by Muslims if it's taken into their countries by members of the Judeo-Christian faith.

Nothing is said about the fact it's impossible to build a church or a synagogue in a Muslim nation. No, those fine Muslim folks are definitely not hate-filled zealots who riot and kill in the streets over a cartoon of Mohammad while shouting "Death to America" (they're only doing the bidding of the Qur'an). That appellation is reserved only for the Jews and the Christians -the "unbelievers" who quietly go about their daily business without saying much about the situation.

Such is the mantle of political correctness that is the spawn of multiculturalism. When will it become politically correct for the infidel (Jews and Christians) to resist the Muslim supremacists? Kinda makes ya wonder about our crazy upside down world in the U. S., don't it?

Don Kennedy

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