Dog, a 9-year-old Queensland Heeler, has been named Mr. February for a golf magazine calendar.

Submitted photo

Dog,” one of the hardest workers at the Blackstone Country Club, is now a calendar pinup.

“It hasn’t gone to his head yet. In fact the day after we got the notification, he was back to business chasing a skunk off the 14th green,” said Roger Brashear, Blackstone golf course superintendent.

Dog, a 9-year-old Queensland Heeler who has been accompanying Brashear on Valley golf courses since he was 11 weeks old, was recently selected as the pinup in TurfNet magazine’s national 2012 “Superintendent’s Best Friend” calendar. He’s Mr. February.

Much of Dog’s work occurs around pond No. 4 on the Peoria course where he runs off badgers, bobcats, wild donkeys and horses that tend to munch the turf or simply hang out.

TurfNet is an online magazine for golf course superintendents and a sister publication of Golfweek. Dog was among 14 golf course canines selected for the calendar. More than 100 photos of superintendents’ dogs from around the country were submitted.

The winning photo was shot by Lauren Murphy, an 18-year-old amateur photographer who is employed at Blackstone’s Hacienda Clubhouse. “They say the hardest subjects to photograph are dogs and kids and that’s so true,” she said. “If you look at the calendar photo, Dog’s got a really alert and intense look on his face.”

“He’s all business when he’s on the course but now that he’s the February pin-up,” Brashear said, “I’m going to start calling him ‘The Love Dog’.”

To see Dog’s calendar photo, the other winners and all the nominees, visit

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