There are 72 churches within Maricopa County that will be used as polling locations for residents to vote in the presidential preference election, Feb. 28. Registered voters help choose their political party's nominee for the general election in November.

Polling places, pulpits, prayer and politics - some of these churches in the 14 cities (throughout this county) have significant religious icons, pictures of Jesus Christ, paintings, and information available for voters to pick up, see, and/or review.

To increase turnout, government seeks to make voting as convenient as possible, and an important civic duty. Churches are required to abide by all local laws concerning politicking and the distribution of campaign literature.

In America, during election seasons, communities have polling places in churches in addition to fire stations, town halls, libraries, schools, or other sites. Americans of faiths, or those of no faith, all enter a house of worship in order to fulfill one of our most cherished liberties of all - that of our God-given right to vote.

Along with seeking to remove "In God We Trust" from our U.S. currency, the "Godless" American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) objects to Christian churches and religions.

Dismissing separation between church and state claims and arguments by atheist organizations, courts have upheld the use of churches as polling places for voting in all states, which proves that there's no such thing as separation of church and state.

Jack Salley


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It just so happens that most churches are empty on Tuesdays and on the days that the election materials are being delivered and picked up. You may have noticed that not only one "type" of "church" is used. Catholic, Presbyterian, Greek Orthodox, Temples and many others are used. Schools are difficult because of the "keep the scary public away from my kids" mentality. Libraries and Fire stations are difficult because they are small.

The easiest way to keep you ease of mind of the "separation of church and state", vote by mail or hand deliver your early ballot to the County or City elections department.


Using an empty building for voting is hardly proof of anything. What an odd bit of logic.

This country was founded by people who wanted to keep us safe from government involvement in religion, and from religion being involved in government.

I suggest you learn about Thomas Jefferson. You have an internet connection, you can even read the actual laws he wrote in Virginia on religion and state.

I assume you think this country was founded as a Christian nation? If so, please explain why at least two of the ten commandments are unconstitutional.

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