Amy Miller is a volunteer in Westbrook Village and, for a long time, she would work in the administrative office of the HOA and hear resident after resident come in and ask health-related questions the office staff could not answer.

“That was really the genesis of this whole idea,” she said. “There were clearly a lot of people in the community who had questions about, say, Hospice of the Valley, or just general health questions. Things we could not necessarily help them with. So we wanted to bring everyone together in one place for a day and get their questions answered.”

The result? Saturday’s Westbrook Village Health and Resource Faire, a gathering of dozens of local health and wellness organizations. The daylong event also included free hearing and vision screenings and a series of lectures.

First on the agenda was Dr. Janet Foot of the Arizona Cancer Center, who led a discussion on skin cancer called “Living Well Under the Sun.” Dr. Ned Stolzberg of Arrowhead Family Care participated in a question-and-answer discussion on vitamins and supplements. Jack Lassen, a Westbrook Village resident, said he came to the health fair specifically for that.

“I wanted to hear what Dr. Stolzberg had to say about supplements,” he said. “I’m a man who believes in vitamins. I’ve been taking them for 20 years, and I only see the doctor once a year for a physical. I wanted to hear what he had to say.”

Lassen made his way through the booths, which included information on assisted living, cancer prevention, personalized fitness options and nutrition, to name a few.

“It seems like they have just about everything covered,” he said. “All the people are congenial. We’re getting a lot of good information.”

That is exactly what Miller was hoping to hear.

“I reached out to the health community for ideas, and they helped me put together a good roster of experts for the lectures,” she said. “And with the vendors, I tried to get as much variety as possible in what we were offering, and I hope that results in some good education for the residents.”

Next weekend, Westbrook Village, which is located in Peoria, will conduct its Charity Challenge, the proceeds of which will go to the Arizona Cancer Center. Last year, the event raised $25,000.

“That’s why we wanted to lead off with a speaker from the Cancer Center for today’s health fair,” Miller said. “Because really, today’s health fair is a sort of leadoff event for the charity challenge next week.”

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