Eight-year-old Emily Fawcett recounts the story of a dog bite, which led her to surgery at John C. Lincoln, Deer Valley hospital three years ago, with Karen Hong, center, and Jennifer Mahoney. On Tuesday, she was a guest at the West Valley Women’s luncheon at SKYE Restaurant.

Dave Martinez/Daily News-Sun

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, children were the focus at Tuesday’s West Valley Women luncheon at SKYE Restaurant in Peoria.

Kathy Northrop, clinical director of pediatric services at John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital, gave attendees an overview of Mendy’s Place, which provides pediatric emergency care at the hospital.

“All of us are mothers, grandmothers, aunts and friends,” Nothrop said. “And the most valuable possession we have is our children.”

Mendy’s Place — the name stands for ‘mending’ — has been in operation around-the-clock since 2006 and has a pediatric staff of 50, and 12 beds in rooms designed to ease children’s fears.

Asthma attacks, appendicitis and simple fractures are some of the medical conditions treated at the pediatric center.

But there are times when children come in with more serious injuries.

One of those former patients was in attendance at the luncheon.

Emily Fawcett, 8, was seriously injured when her friend’s dog attacked her.

Emily had a huge, gaping wound that required surgery.

Now she’s the picture of health and is featured in some of the Mendy’s Place advertisements.

At the luncheon she was treated to a kid-friendly vanilla ice cream sundae in lieu of the mango flan the adults had for dessert.

Northrop said parents often call and say they don’t know if what their child is experiencing requires a trip to the emergency room.

“If you are making the effort to call, you should be here,” she said.

For information about Mendy’s Place, visit http://www.jcl.com/content/mendysplace/default.htm.

For information on West Valley Women, which meets monthly, visit: http://www.westvalleywomen.org.

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