Dear Editor: Linda Turley-Hansen obviously couldn't resist ruining a good article ("Bigotry toward senior women primeval," Jan. 4, AFN) with her opening salvo against Hillary's alleged Marxism. Here's my challenge: read my letter on Limbaugh's economic distortions (same page as your column) and focus on Clinton's stock-market record. How could the stock market thrive for eight years under Marxist socialism? (I assume that you agree: Hillary's economic policy would parallel Bill's, with competent treasury secretaries like Robert Rubin instead of hacks like Snow and Paulson). Linda, have you ever read anything about Marxism? If so, I can imagine your eyes wandering over the page. But I can't imagine your brain engaged with the text. Once in while, it's enjoyable to take off ideological blinders and actually think. C.W. Griffin

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