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Scott Schaefer plays a Native American flute, but not with the music most might think he’d perform.

The Surprise resident mixes new age and jazz music, instead of the tribal music often associated with the instrument. And he’s recorded an album with this sound.

“I think many people are surprised when they realize that I don’t do the typical music from this flute,” Schaefer said. “And I hope it’s pleasing to the ears.”

Schaefer, who performs a free concert Sunday at the Northwest Regional Library, said he wants everyone of all ages to enjoy his music and be inspired by his work.

More than seven years ago at age 47, Schaefer discovered the Native American flute, learned to play and hasn’t put it down since.

“Playing this instrument is emotionally moving for me and you can hear just that,” Schaefer said.

In addition, Schaefer said it’s never too late for anyone to pursue their dreams.

“People can do whatever they want or pursue any dream in life at any age as long as they have the desire, and that is what I strive to do everyday,” Schaefer said.

He recorded his first album with his friend Marina, a pianist from Japan, titled “Ebb & Flow,” which they produced in one day.

They toured for several months all over the Valley to promote the album before she returned to Japan. He continues to perform his music and introduce people to his sound.

Marina and Schaefer also created a new album, “Sacred Waters,” which was originally commissioned for an instructional yoga DVD. The musicians remain in contact and hope one day that Marina returns permanently to the United States so they can pursue music together full time.

“Hopefully people will walk away with a better appreciation of the music and instruments I play,” he said.

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