Gas prices of $3 a gallon are “highway robbery,” says Theo Uyleman of Sun City who can’t figure out why prices vary so much throughout the Valley.

“It’s ridiculous because not only are the gas prices going up, but I wonder why all the stations can’t have the same prices,” said Uyleman. “I think that it’s all highway robbery, and we’re being held hostage because they know we’re going to pay it.”

Recent figures provided by AAA Arizona showed gas prices near and, in some cases, beyond $3 a gallon.

With those rising fuel costs, Deb Littlejohn has been thinking of others ways to save money and cut down the commute from her job in downtown Phoenix.

“I’ve thought about seeing if they would let me telecommute from home at least one day a week, but I’m not even sure that’s feasible,” Littlejohn said.

The Westbrook Village resident said the gas price increases are making an impact on everyone’s pocketbooks. She’s also considered buying a hybrid vehicle to save on fuel.

“It just keeps going on up,” she said. “Maybe if people consider buying alternative fuel vehicles, then maybe the gas prices would go down.”

Sun Citian Alexander Waisbrot said he, too, is concerned about the price creep since late last year, but “there is not much anyone can do but buy gas because we need it to get places.”

“I don’t like it, but you can’t stop living,” Waisbrot said Saturday as he filled up his 10-gallon Kia tank with unleaded gas at Greenway Family Auto Service.

The price: $31.

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There is an outfit called, I joined them (it doesn't cost anything to join) and then when I fill up, I keep the receipt and mail it in to get a 50% rebate on the amount I spent for gas. However, there is an upper limit that you can do each month I think it is $200 or something like that -- but believe me an extra couple of hundred bucks a month gives my family our weekly trip to the movies again... or you can always buy more gas.. LOL. Here's the link

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