The various state rankings have Desert Vista and Mountain Pointe among the top four in the state.

Scout 24/7 has Mountain Pointe No. 1 and Desert Vista fourth with Brophy and Chandler in between.

The Arizona Republic has Desert Vista second and Mountain Pointe third with Brophy No. 1.

The Tribune has an identical top three entering Friday’s Ahwatukee Bowl at Desert Vista.

In my personal rankings, which appears on the website, I have Desert Vista No. 1, Brophy second and the Pride third

So clearly it is a big game, but one thing is pulling at me when it comes to how good the two areas teams really are after two games.

Yes, they are a combined 4-0 and the wins over Palo Verde (Nev.) by the Thunder and Hamilton by the Mountain Pointe were impressive.

There is one hang up, however, in my mind.

The three teams the Ahwatukee programs have defeated, including the common opponent of Mesa, are a combined 0-6 thus far. It is certainly going to change, but for now it can’t be denied.

Hamilton played in Ireland against a quality opponent – Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks, Calif. – and the Huskies were licking their wounds after the loss to the Pride.

It was tough circumstances to play in with the travel and all that so the Huskies probably weren’t at their best. They will get stronger as the year goes along, but it’s hard to ignore the fact they’ve lost three games in row counting last year’s title game.

Palo Verde lost its second game 24-20 to Centennial (Las Vegas) which hasn’t won more than eight games in any season since 2004 and won as few as two during that same time frame.

Good but not great opponent.

Do the second defeats take any luster off the start to season?

I’m not saying it is a complete indictment on how good Desert Vista and Mountain Pointe are this year, but it does give me some caution.

It could very well be a repeat of the 2010 when both teams make the semifinals or if the seeding falls right, maybe the Ahwatukee Bowl has a Round 2 at University of Phoenix Stadium.

The thing is I just don’t know.

The rankings could very well be right after all I have them in the top three myself. I’ve seen the Thunder play once (twice if you count the scrimmage against Brophy) and the Pride twice.

I was impressed by both teams no doubt, but something about the 0-6 is giving me hesitation.

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