This is a significant weekend, one that memorializes those who have gone before. Hopefully we feel every, reverent emotion for those who have died in our service and those who developed this country through their sweat and sorrows; not only our dedicated military, but our forefathers who religiously worked to support their families and others who needed a hand up.

Our conservative values come through them. They gave hearts and souls to make this country the greatest. And, now, there are those who don’t care what was sacrificed. Instead, their entitlement attitudes bastardize the American model of sacred freedoms, which encourage dreams to unfold.

My own forefathers built roads and earthen dams in Arizona during the Depression, cutting the way for you and me to live more easily. Their every sacrifice came through their understanding that they and they alone were responsible for their lives, their paychecks, their families. Yet, we see the slobbering, old media, left wing radicals and even our president, crown respect on groups such as the Wall Street Occupiers who still, to this day, cannot define why they belly-ache over their lot. Many choose not to work. They snivel over what is not handed to them; some students lament that they must work and pay their own way. Occupiers breed entitlement, camp in public places, which others paid for through their labor and taxes. They are using violence and fire.

I’m biased because of my ancestry’s understanding of their personal power to build a nation. Plus, I’m married to my best example of the American way. David was born in poverty during the Depression. Raised in Sparks, Nev., the child helped his mother in her tiny store; plus he delivered newspapers and cleaned office buildings before he reached age 12. He took his musical talent and created a dance band at age 14, which over decades blessed him with income. At 15, he worked as a restaurant fry cook in Lake Tahoe every summer. He served the rich, yearned to have what they enjoyed, thus he tried harder.

Working his way through college, he lived in and managed a flop-house where he shoveled out crap left behind by drunken tenants. He joined the Air National Guard where his cooking skills qualified him as head cook in the mess hall. He went on to manage two apartment complexes, living in one. His labor blessed others right and left, including his struggling parents and siblings who he employed at the apartments.

His chosen occupation was in education, plus he eventually developed a large resort at Tahoe, where he employed hundreds of skilled laborers. Over years, he won and lost, but always, the American way provided the next step. However, he had to find it and he had to do it.

Every single thing that boy/man did, in the way of earning his living, went on to bless him and others. Today he mentors every person he can. Though there was some playtime in all those years, 99 percent of his life was hard, long work, some of it heartbreaking.

And so the Wall Street Occupiers call themselves the “99 percenters.” No. They are not.

The protestors, laced with anarchists, leave bitter impressions of those who refuse personal responsibility, while in the guise of patriotic indignation. They openly promote the taker mentality.

As for the banking and Washington corruption that bothers us all? Takers have little, respectable influence. Those who understand personal responsibility are in a much better place to generate change, which clearly explains the differences between the Occupiers and the Tea Partiers.

This weekend for me is about those who are devoted to America: the military, the working American, the American actively seeking work, and the hard-working student. You know them. They are the genuine “99 percenters.”

East Valley resident Linda Turley-Hansen ( is a syndicated columnist and former Phoenix veteran TV anchor.

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Wow. It seems instead of honoring our soldiers on Memorial Day, this person has chosen to attack Americans and spread hate and ignorance. Shame on her.

If you want to know what the Occupy folks want, just ask, don't make things up (or as I call it, lying).

It's fair to disagree, but here's a few things the 99% want that you may agree with:

Reinstate Glass Steagall - End Too Big To Fail
Overturn Citizen United/Campaign Finance Reform
Revoke Corporate Personhood law
Close corporate tax loopholes
Address US job outsourcing

Every day a new story comes out about some Occupy folks somewhere saving some veteran's or elderly person's home from foreclosure. You may not agree with everything the Occupy folks do, but if you'd take just a few minutes to educate yourself and not get your opinions from cable news and AM radio, you may find these are just American's, like you, who want to solve our nation's problems.

Also, everyone I personally know that's in the Tea Party is a racist, including friends and family. Does that mean the Tea Party is racist? The anarchists do not represent the 99%, anymore than some racists represent the entire TP, please stop spreading this misleading information.

There's always a few bad apples, and the left and the right always use those to attack the other side instead of listening to each other.

Next Memorial Day, maybe we could honor those who have sacrificed for us by finding common ground, and not by attacking other Americans.

Shame on Linda Turley-Hansen for taking the low road.


How did this nonsensical rubbish get moved to the News - Valley and State pages from the Opinion section?

Come to think of it, something like this nonsense would never have been allowed on our high school paper editorial pages, because we were required to have facts to back up our opinions.

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