I am a parent of current Queen Creek High School students.

We have been trying to get an FCA club (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) started since the fall of 2010, but thus far have been unsuccessful. Brian Mabb is the assistant principal in charge of authorizing new clubs on the QCHS campus. Mr. Mabb will not allow our students to have an FCA club on campus because our club doesn’t meet the “school requirements.” Mr. Mabb said that a club needs to be “academic or competitive” in nature.

The FCA, started in 1954, is a nationally recognized Christian club at college, high school and junior high campuses. The FCA is active in over 30 East Valley high schools and junior highs, including Apache Junction, Higley, Perry, Basha, Gilbert, Desert Ridge, Mesa and Hamilton. Why not at Queen Creek?

As a Christian, I want my kids to be around as many Christian kids as possible. Today, kids encounter so many temptations. The support system that the Fellowship of Christian Athletes can provide will help to identify those peers that could prevent your child from taking drugs and being involved in underage drinking or sexual intimacy.

We now have an attorney helping us with this matter. We are going to start meeting off campus. If you have a Christian athlete at Queen Creek High School who would like to participate, email me at dabears85@cox.net with your contact information.

Please pray for our kids, our schools, our school administrators.

Dave Williams

Queen Creek

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