With decades of history and countless memories made, Camp Zoo at the Phoenix Zoo is back again as the hottest camp in town.

Camp Zoo is a fun and interactive way to get kids involved with animals and zoology during their summer break. Week-long sessions with themes such as Storybook Safaris and Zany Zoology to Zoo Action Heroes and Lights, Camera, Conservation!, ensures that your child will find a session perfect for their interests.

From up-close animal experiences, to exploring zoo-related topics, to discovering all the activities a zookeeper does besides just feeding the animals, any child is sure to come away from Camp Zoo amazed and thrilled by their experience. A behind-the-scenes look at the zoo and getting to learn from zookeepers is sure to be at the top of any child’s summer to-do-list.

Outdoor activities occur mainly in the morning during the cooler temperatures, and indoor activities and games are provided during the afternoon. In addition, water-play activities are included as a means to combat the summer temperatures.

All the Camp Zoo activities are specific to each different age group, and they are well planned to ensure a memorable experience. One exciting aspect is that the older campers will have the opportunity to learn from a Banfield Pet Hospital veterinarian in addition to Phoenix Zoo staff.

Camp Zoo is June 4 to July 27 and is for children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Full-day sessions are $250 for zoo members and $275 for non-members.

Prowl & Play creeps into the zoo June 9, July 14, and Aug. 11 from 6 to 9:30 p.m. This is an opportunity for children to experience the zoo at night as they’ll cool off with various water and play activities while still encountering some of their favorite Phoenix Zoo animals.

To register for Camp Zoo and learn more about the Phoenix Zoo’s various events and programs occurring during the summer, go to www.phoenixzoo.org.

• Dan Alexander is a marketing intern at the Phoenix Zoo.

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