“I do not mind the ‘snowbirds’ who come to the Valley. They are older and wiser than most of us. They spend their money here and help our local economy. To those of you who complain about the increased traffic, their careful driving, etc., remember that you will be old one day too. I hope people won’t mind you living where you want to and treat you with respect. Have a great summer, ‘snowbirds.’ See you in the fall!”

“I’m curious ... All of these ‘green’ industries require massive government subsidies to just barely get by yet the word ‘sustainability’ is thrown around constantly in conjunction with these businesses. Did they change the meaning of the word? Or is this the realization of Orwellian predictions?”

“The last article I read from Jon Beydler pointed out a case where our children and grandchildren set a wonderful example for the rest of us of kindness and consideration. Yeah, the ‘leftist scum’ really ought to tried for treason for that one!”

“I am off to Washington to apply for one of those Secret Service jobs. The ‘extra benefits’ seem to be a lot of fun.”

“As much as I hate BO I hate the idea of the safety of a sitting U.S. President being compromised by a bunch of overage frat boys even more. We need to fire the top three guys and place the rest of the agency on probation and make every Secret Service agent re-qualify.”

“Mitt Romney has endorsed Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan to reform Medicare with a coupon system. I’ve always kept a roll of these GOP coupons in my bathroom right next to the toilet.”

“Instead of the Buffett Rule, I prefer the Geithner Rule: Pay your taxes whenever it’s convenient.”

“Illegal ‘rights’... I don’t understand this term? Should I be in a foreign country? I would have no rights.”

“Like many liberals, Mr. Meszar seems to suffer from selective short term memory loss by his mischaracterization of Arizona being a one-party GOP monopoly state. It was just 3.5 short years ago that we said adios to that carpetbagger Janet Napolitano. In six years, Governor ‘It ain’t no crisis’ Napolitano managed to drive Arizona into a ditch with her support for illegal immigration, spending spree, billion dollar deficits and accounting gimmicks. As DHS secretary, we can thank her for radiation-laden virtual strip searches every time we go to the airport.”

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