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Detective Comics #105 – November, 1945

Cover Art by Jack Burnley

Detective Comics #105 – November, 1945

Detective Comics #105 – November, 1945

The Internet was set ablaze last week when director Zack Snyder tweeted out the very first image of the new Batman (Ben Affleck) and Batmobile from his upcoming film, tentatively titled, “Batman vs. Superman.” Fans certainly love the Batmobile, but did you know the world’s most famous automobile did not make a comic cover appearance until four-years after Batman’s debut? It’s true!

Batman #20, December, 1943

Batman #20, December, 1943
- art by Dick Sprang

Bats has always had a sweet ride, but originally it was just a souped-up red convertible with a golden bat-shaped hood ornament. The term “Batmobie” was not even used until Detective Comics #48 (February, 1941) and the distinctive bat-look of the car was not introduced until the pages of Batman #5 (March, 1941.)

The Batplane saw a cover appearance before the Batmobile (in Detective Comics #61, March, 1942), and Batman was even seen driving an Army Jeep before he was ever depicted on a comic cover behind the wheel of the Batmobile (see Batman #12, August, 1942.) Astonishingly, the bat-ride would not make its first cover appearance until Batman #20 in December, 1943 – and oddly enough, it’s Robin, not Batman, behind the wheel. (Is that kid old enough to drive?)

So why, you ask, is Classic Comic Cover Corner showcasing Detective Comics #105, instead of Batman #20? Two reasons: First – this issue marks the first time that the Batmobile appeared on the cover of Batman’s original home title, Detective Comics; and Second – because this cover is simply a lot cooler than Batman #20. I mean, come on, Bats goes broke and has to hock his car. Wasn’t that the plot of “The Dark Knight Rises?”

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