We are again facing another radical bill coming from our State Legislators. HB 2291 The Voucher Expansion Bill has all the disastrous marks of taking away needed funds for public schools in favor of vouchers for charter and private Schools. This bill, in very simple words, would pretty much destroy needed public funding for public schools. Then you add the fact that there is no accountability to how these private and charter schools are performing, nor do we know how these schools are our spending our TAX PAYER dollars!

We can not let these radical bills coming from our Legislature continue to destroy the very things that many of us paid our taxes for, and more importantly, how proud we are to say we live in Arizona.

HB 2291 pushed by the Goldwater Institute and Superintendent John Huppenthal all want to divert funds from public schools for these vouchers.

Public education is the foundation of our future. Throwing our tax dollars at charter schools that do not have any accountability, and teachers who do not have to be certified, is wasting our tax dollars that need to go to public education. It’s time we stand up, speak up, and, most importantly, vote the radical incumbents all out of office. Let us again be proud to say we live in the great state of Arizona

It’s up to the people to determine the fate of these radicals. Vote them out!

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