I've been a parent in the Kyrene School District for 14 years. I live here because I heard this area had one of the best school districts. My experiences the past few years have taught me how low the level of support is for public education at the state level.

Luckily, we live in an area that has, traditionally, strongly supported its neighborhood schools while state funding has declined. I value public schools because I know how important the excellent reputation of our school district is to the value of my home. In this economy it's one of the things that has not changed.

This Nov. 8 there is an election for mayor and, a vote to continue what's called a Capital Override for the Kyrene schools. This is funding that has been in place since 2005, so it is not a new tax.

It costs the average homeowner about $6 a month. It is used to fund technology for our quality school system of 18,000-plus students. That technology provides programs like email, Word, Excel, training for teachers, data collection, and tracking of student progress programs, attendance software, emergency parent notification system, and more.

These are critical tools in the business of education. Can you imagine running your business without key software programs?

Our state uses a formula to make sure all districts get equal funding per pupil. Each community is allowed to override those limits. In most recent times, our community has done so, and helped Kyrene schools remain among the absolute best in the state in not only educating children, but in their money management.

They put more of their dollars into the classroom for teachers and students than most districts of the same size.

According to Kyrene parent and teacher at Lomas Elementary, Tanya Krol, "Technology has absolutely enhanced how we teach, how we differentiate to try to close the gaps, and without a doubt how students become prepared for the 21st century."

Please join me and my friends and neighbors below in saying yes to continue the Kyrene Capital Override on Nov. 8.

Nancy and Paul Dudenhoefer and Ahwatukee friends and neighbors: Robin and Andi Pettyjohn, Marlene and Alan Jackovich, Barton and Leslie Saltz, Drena Castiglione, Lu and Sally Maley, Christina McFerran, Sue and Joe Bichler, Mary and Tim Sherman

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