The 2nd version of the Dobson Invitational Tournament is scheduled for Friday, April 25 at Dobson High School (1501 W. Guadalupe Road, Mesa)

The all-day tournament has expanded to 12 teams this year with a new format. All matches will be played in either the Main Gym (west half and east half) or Auxiliary Gym.

Pool A:  Basha, Combs, Ironwood, Mesquite, Queen Creek, Westwood

Pool B:  Campo Verde, Dobson, Poston Butte, Notre Dame, Scottsdale Christian, Skyline


8 a.m.: Westwood vs. Combs (West gym); Basha vs. Queen Creek (East gym); Ironwood vs. Mesquite (Aux. gym)

8:45 a.m.: Campo Verde vs. Poston Butte (West gym); Dobson vs. Scottsdale Christian (East gym); Notre Dame vs. Skyline (Aux. gym)

9:30 a.m.:  Basha vs. Mesquite (West gym); Ironwood vs. Combs (East gym); Westwood vs. Queen Creek (Aux. gym)

10:15 a.m.: Skyline vs. Dobson (West gym); Notre Dame vs. Poston Butte (East gym); Scottsdale Christian vs. Campo Verde (Aux. gym)

11 a.m.: Ironwood vs. Queen Creek (West gym); Mesquite vs. Westwood (East gym); Basha vs. Combs (Aux. gym)

11:45 a.m.: Notre Dame vs. Scottsdale Christian (West gym); Campo Verde vs. Skyline (East gym); Dobson vs. Poston Butte (Aux. gym)

12:30 p.m.: Westwood vs. Basha (West gym); Queen Creek vs. Combs (East gym); Campo Verde vs. Dobson (Aux. gym)

1:15 p.m.: Scottsdale Christian vs. Poston Butte (West gym); Campo Verde vs. Notre Dame (East gym); Ironwood vs. Westwood (Aux. gym)

2 p.m.: Basha vs. Ironwood (West gym); Scottsdale Christian vs. Skyline (East gym); Mesquite vs. Queen Creek (Aux. gym)

2:45 p.m.:  Combs vs. Queen Creek (West gym); Poston Butte vs. Skyline); Notre Dame vs. Dobson (Aux. gym)


3 p.m.:  No. 1 vs. No. 8 (West gym); No. 2 vs. No. 7 (East gym);  3:45 p.m.:  No. 4 vs. No. 5 (West gym); No. 3 vs. No. 6 (East gym);  4:30 p.m.: No. 1/No. 8 winner vs. No. 4/No. 5 winner;  No. 1/No. 8 loser vs. No. 4/No. 5 loser (East gym);  5:15 p.m.: No. 2/No. 7 winner vs. No. 3/No. 6 winner (West gym); No. 2/No. 7 loser vs. No. 3/No. 6 loser (East gym);  6 p.m.:  Gold Championship (West gym);  Silver Championship (East gym)


(Auxiliary Gym)

3 p.m.: No. 9 vs. No. 12; 3:45 p.m.: No. 10 vs. No. 11; 4:30 p.m.: No. 9/No. 12 winner vs. No. 10/No. 11 winner)

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