Levi Mitchell, impersonating pop singer Justin Bieber, sings to 4 year-old Jolene Perme during a free benefit concert at Thunderbird Retirement Resort in Glendale. Mitchell and his troupe performed and took photos with Bieber fans, asking for donations for the Tucson-based charity Watermark for Kids Saturday.

Dave Martinez/Daily News-Sun

Even though it was an impersonation of Justin Bieber, several young girls screamed and yelled as Levi Mitchell performed as the teenage pop singer.

But Glenna Harmount, 87, hollered with just as much enthusiasm for the impersonator and so did others in the audience. Mitchell performed to a mixed crowd Saturday with children and seniors at Thunderbird Retirement Resort in Glendale.

Harmount said she enjoyed watching Mitchell and always has loved the real Bieber.

“People might think it’s strange that I like Justin Bieber, but I can like old and young singers,” she said with a laugh. “(Justin Bieber) is so cute and just a good singer, very darling and I don’t see anything wrong with being a fan even at my age.”

At the end of the mini concert, Harmount took a picture with Mitchell and planted a big kiss on his cheek, leaving red lipstick prints.

Angelia Mitchell, Levi’s mom, said she found the moment between Mitchell and Harmount funny.

“I thought that was so cute when she did that,” said Mitchell. “I know that he enjoys performing and making folks happy, so this is so much fun.”

The one-hour free concert benefited Watermark for Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering kids to express themselves and thrive. During the event, Mitchell poised as Bieber for fans in photos for a $3 donation, all going to Watermark.

In addition, MidFirst Bank collected coin contributions and will match up to $1,000, depending on how much money was raised from the concert.

Peoria resident Roz Farnsworth decided to bring her granddaughter, Marissa Bajaras, 5, of Las Vegas, to the concert.

Farnsworth said she heard of Bieber but wasn’t familiar with any of his songs, other than “Marissa talks about them all of the time.”

Marissa is visiting Farnsworth for a week, so the grandmother thought the concert would be perfect.

“She loves Justin Bieber so much,” she said. “When they introduced him, she put on some lip gloss just before he came out so she could look pretty.”

In addition, Farnsworth chuckled and watched as Mitchell, a.k.a. Bieber, received a hug from Marissa, who wouldn’t let go.

“That was just too adorable, but that’s how much she loves Justin Bieber, even if it wasn’t the real one,” she said with a laugh.

Angelia Mitchell said her son has always enjoyed impersonating Bieber and will probably do it a little longer, even though he’s already taller and his voice is much deeper than the real celebrity.

“Levi loves doing this stuff and he made both the young and older people smile,” she said.

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