We celebrate our nation’s 238th birthday this month, unless we count from the year of the Constitution’s adoption. If so, then it’s a young 227 years old. Too young for a nation to die? Not according to history. We learn civilizations generally collapse within 200 years, so we can wonder if the USA is overdue to “tap out.”

Judging by the lifeless performance of Congress, one wonders if the “tapping” has begun. With the failure of this once-powerful body, America’s eulogy is being written.

If the reign of Barack Obama has exposed one thing, it’s that Congress has become a fruitless growth on this nation’s backside: useless against blatant corruption in government; useless in regards to blocking executive “over-reach” from the White House to the U.S. attorney general’s bunker to the IRS enclaves.

Sure, Congress loves its hearings, which produce more posturing than change.

This isn’t even close to being a partisan problem; it’s about our current governmental system, which surely must torment the Founding Fathers as they watch from their heavenly posts.

The latest proof of Congress’ ineptitude is its failure to close the border, thus allowing the current crisis of youth refugees. And we will never forget the scandalous systems of death within veterans hospitals. Only two of endless examples.

Regarding the VA mess: It’s not possible Congressional leaders were unaware. As most know, constituents regularly contact Congressional offices on just these kinds of problems. Communication comes in daily, hourly. In whispers, some staff will tell you troublesome reports from desperate families are at the top of their calls and have been for years; just business as usual for the people’s representatives. Send out a form letter.

Fair questions for Arizona’s Congressional leaders: If you were aware of the neglect of our loyal warriors, and we know you were, why did you not ban together on our state and national capitol steps with loud and very aggressive solutions? Why choose impotency?

And now, a new crisis regarding border security and the exploitation of Central American children and America’s resources.

Obligatory responses are issued from our Congressional team, which give evidence some have awakened, but don’t expect resolution. Actually, it appears the latest flood of refugees is a smoke screen for bigger border schemes as announced this past week by the president. Without a Congress to initiate checkmate, he’ll do what he wants. That’s how it’s done.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re watching the collapse of our governmental system. We cannot count on it to protect the weakest, much less our homeland. Coming in to fill the void are a variety of grass-roots groups such as tea parties. On the other side, frightening, underground movements, left and right, in and out of our borders, are moving into place.

We see now why states’ sovereignty must take precedent; why local wisdom and interests hold our solutions. Where accountability has a chance. We see now why bolder, more courageous governors and legislative houses must become saviors.

We can and will celebrate Independence Day, but not without recognizing we have lost freedoms and, with that, our precious independence. Once powerful and reliable, once our support system and our ally, Uncle Sam, is no longer a friend. Absent moral conscience, he is our enemy.

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