San Tan Charter School

1) The goal of Common Core is to prepare students to be both college and career ready after high school.

For every 100 ninth graders, 6 obtain their college degree and obtain good jobs upon graduation (EngageNY). The Common Core standards raise the bar and provide the opportunity and expectation that all students are held to the same high standard.

2) Being prepared for Common Core standards and PARCC assessments will make Arizona students more competitive with student achievement results of other states.

Arizona is not known for being a top state in the country for education. The Common Core standards require that Arizona students are exposed and mastering the same high level standards in mathematics and reading as students in the top performing states in the country.

3) Common Core calls for instructional shifts in mathematics and reading requiring understanding of concepts at a deeper level.

There are fewer standards allowing teachers more time to teach for depth within a concept instead of drilling of facts for short-term memorization.

4) Parents can support their children by focusing more on encouraging their child to articulate the “why” behind an answer than wanting their child complete a high quantity of homework problems.

Critical thinking through problem solving is key, so parents can support by getting in the habit of asking their children how they arrived at the solution.

5) Parents need to ask questions and look for the Common Core shifts in their schools to hold educators accountable for making these changes.

As schools work to provide the instructional shifts and an educational environment aligned to the Common Core standards, it is important that parents ask questions and hold their schools accountable for the training and support necessary to ensure teachers are successfully implementing the standards.

San Tan Learning Center

1475 South Higley Road

Gilbert, AZ 85296


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