Ein Mitarbeiter der WestLB Bank demonstriert am Dienstag 19.Mai 2009, mit einem Megaphone vor der Zentrale in Duesseldorf . Nach dem ueberraschenden Ruecktritt von WestLB-Chef Heinz Hilgert soll der Sanierungskurs der angeschlagenen Landesbank unter Fuehrung von dessen Stellvertreter, Dietrich Voigtlaender, fortgesetzt werden. Der Aufsichtsrat bestellte den 50-jaehrigen Manager in einer Krisensitzung am Montagabend zum kommissarischen Vorstandschef. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein) A banker of the German WestLB bank demonstrates holding a megaphone in front of the headquarters on Tuesday May 19,2009.(AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

AP file photo

“I’m not shocked that our fast food culture would fall for Paul Ryan’s ‘Coupon-Care’ insurance scam. Everybody gets a coupon for Ryan’s plain-jane hamburger. You want cheese? That’s extra. You want lettuce and tomato? Extra money! Remember the old commercial, ‘Where’s the beef?” That’s extra, too. But you do get a tasty bun, according to Mr. Ryan. ‘Have it his way!’”

“The media doesn’t seem to be covering the recent Pennsylvania school stabbings very much. Is it because there’s nothing in the story that promotes the leftist agenda?”

“Leave it to FOX News to classify an obvious terrorist attack on Jewish Centers as a mere white supremacist gone rogue. If this attack had taken place in Israel, FOX would be all over this as Al-Qaida’s doing. A domestic terrorist on American soil kills three citizens and FOX News can’t bring themselves to report the truth. But they will support his right to own guns.”

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