Dear Editor:

In response to David Folts' letter, "Spanish language program in Ahwatukee schools," (Sept. 10), I take exactly the opposite position. I am glad to see a school like Kyrene de los Niños offer instruction half of the day in English and the other half of the day in Spanish. If my child was younger and just starting out in school, I would jump through hoops to get him into this program. Children's minds are very flexible and can adapt much more easily to learning a new language than the minds of older students. I totally support this innovative program for giving our children a head start on fluency in Spanish. When learned at an early age, the basics of another language become intuitive. These young students, if they choose to continue Spanish language instruction, will be far ahead of those who don't begin their instruction until junior high or high school. They will become truly bilingual with language skills that can advance them in whatever career path they choose.

Dene Gray


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