Kudos to Bob Beane and his call for more rational thought- and fact-based discussion among your Opinion page's letter-writers and commentators ("More rational thought needed, AFN, June 17).

Beane's reaction to what passes for public discourse mirrors mine: Decidedly uninspired, in both style and substance. Where does all that anger come from?

While everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, reasonable people on occasion will and, depending on the issue, should disagree. That shouldn't come as a surprise or render either side incapable of basic respect. Yet that appears to be an all-too-common scenario judging by the tone of many letters and, to a lesser extent, some commentaries.

It takes courage and intellectual vigor to defend a position and stand one's ground against an opposing point of view. To do so with class and respect is the mark of a wise perspective. Alas, that seems to be a scarce commodity on your Opinion page of late.

What does the name-calling, labeling and self-righteous pronouncements among members of the same community say about us as a community? May Beane's call to action be the first step in reversing a very negative trend.

Marty Gibson

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