The Peoria Police Department has recovered the trailer and hockey equipment that were stolen Jan. 15 from a visiting Canadian youth hockey team, the South Side Athletic Club.

Unknown suspects took the trailer containing approximately $45,000 worth of hockey equipment and jerseys from the parking lot at La Quinta Inn in Peoria.

Personnel at a Youngtown retirement community at 10800 N. 115th Ave. noticed the trailer during routine security checks that day, but were unaware of the theft and believed the trailer belonged to a visitor. Ultimately, they contacted the listed rental agency on the trailer, who notified the Peoria police Feb. 1.

The hockey team has since returned to Canada, and a community effort there to assist them with their loss resulted in a donation from a local insurance company that allowed them to replace the stolen equipment. At this time, it does not appear any of the equipment was removed from the trailer, and the only damage observed is a broken padlock on the trailer.

The case remains under investigation, and there are no suspects or leads.


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