When most people lose their wallets, they notice it pretty quickly and either retrace their steps in search of it, or start canceling and replacing all of the cards inside.

Not Al Antonini — he didn’t even realize his wallet was missing.

Antonini didn’t miss his wallet — containing his driver’s license, medical cards, his member card for the recreation centers in Sun City, and even his Social Security card — until the manager of a restaurant he had visited weeks ago showed up at his door.

“When he came to the front door, I thought he was with the roofing guy,” Antonini said.

Rich Seidner, the general manager at Grimaldi’s Pizza in Peoria, explained that the wallet had been sitting in the restaurant’s safe for more than a week after it had been found, so he checked the address on the driver’s license so he could return it to Antonini.

“I can’t thank him enough,” Antonini said, adding he’s glad he didn’t need anything in the wallet while it was gone. “I didn’t need it at the time, but I’m sure happy.”

Seidner said he did the good deed just to be nice.

“It’s bad to lose stuff like that,” Seidner said. “I’m a big karma guy, so hopefully it comes back.”

As for Antonini: “People have always been good to me; I’ve been very lucky.”

Antonini considers himself lucky for another reason, too. He and wife, Jean, are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary in May.

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