Kyrene de la Altadeña Middle School seventh-graders Alexandra Gutierrez, Abigail Kany, Rebecca Kim, Ashley Ong, Nora Wagner, and Sonoran Science Academy seventh-grader Ryann Yount dedicated more than 52 hours each in planning, organizing, making, and teaching others how to make Positioning Pillows. In all, the girls from Girl Scouts Cadet Troop 2292 made 131 pillows that they donated to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Cardon Children’s Medical Center at Banner Desert Hospital in Mesa.

The pillows, made with fun bright fabric, will be used by critically ill patients. They are designed to provide comfort and support for small children in their hospital bed while adding a splash of cheerful color and whimsy. The girls hosted a garage sale to raise funds to purchase supplies. They also canvassed their neighborhoods collecting items from neighbors and 3 Dudes Quilting of Ahwatukee donated fabric.

Workshops took place to teach other scouts and students at the Momentum Club at Altadeña how to sew the pillows. The highlight of the project was delivering the pillows and giving their first pillow to patient Gabrielle Spurbeck.

The Girl Scout Silver Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout Cadet can earn, requires her to learn the leadership and planning skills necessary to follow through on a project that makes a positive impact on the community. Working toward this award demonstrates her commitment to helping others, improving her community and the world, and becoming the best she can be.

For more information on joining Girl Scouts and/or to volunteer, contact Mag Boase at or (602)228-6551.

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